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ProductAlternate NameTypeStrengthQuantityPrice (USD) Buy Now
   Claritin loratadine Generic 10mg 200TAB $60.00
   Claritin loratadine Generic 10mg 300TAB $74.00
   Claritin Syrup loratadine Brand 5mg/5ml - 100ML 1EA $37.00
   Cleocin clindamycin Brand 150mg 100CAP $124.00
   Climara estradiol Brand 100mcg 4PK $62.00
   Climara estradiol Brand 50mcg 4PK $60.00
   Clinoril sulindac Generic 200mg 100TAB $70.00
   Clomipramine anafranil Generic 10mg 100TAB $57.00
   Clomipramine anafranil Generic 25mg 100TAB $50.00
   Colchicine colchicine alkaloid Brand 0.6mg 100TAB $64.00
   Colestid Granules colestipol Brand 5g 90PK $82.00
   Coloxyl Drops Brand ~ 30ML 1EA $30.00
   Combantrin Pyrantel Pamoate Brand 125mg 18TAB $34.00
   Combantrin Oral Suspension Brand 50mg/ml - 15ML 1EA $30.00
   Combivent salbuterol / iprotropium ... Brand 100/20mcg 12PAK $214.00
   Combivent Inhaler salbuterol / iprotropium ... Brand 100/20mcg 1PAK $60.00
   Combivent Inhaler salbuterol / iprotropium ... Brand 100/20mcg 3PAK $87.00
   Combivent Inhaler salbuterol / iprotropium ... Brand 100/20mcg 4PAK $102.00
   Combivent Inhaler salbuterol / iprotropium Brand 100/20mcg 5PAK $117.00
   Combivent Inhaler salbuterol / iprotropium ... Brand 100/20mcg 6PAK $132.00
   Compazin prochlorperazine Generic 5mg 100TAB $47.00
   Comtan entacapone Brand 200mg 100TAB $250.00
   Coreg carvedilol Brand 12.5mg 30TAB $77.00
   Coreg carvedilol Brand 12.5mg 90TAB $134.00

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