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ProductAlternate NameTypeStrengthQuantityPrice (USD) Buy Now
   Crestor rosuvastatin calcium Brand 20mg 90TAB $264.00
   Crestor rosuvastatin calcium Brand 40mg 30TAB $127.00
   Crestor rosuvastatin calcium Brand 40mg 90TAB $302.00
   Crestor rosuvastatin calcium Brand 5mg 90TAB $230.00
   Cromolux eye drops Brand 2%-2.5ml 1PACK $30.00
   Cromolux eye drops Brand 2%-2.5ml 2PACK $32.00
   Cromolux eye drops Brand 2%-2.5ml 3PACK $37.00
   Crystacide Antibiotic Cream Brand 10G 1EA $37.00
   Cyclosporin Solution neoral Brand 100mg/ml-50ML 1EA $424.00
   Cytotec misoprostol Brand 200mcg 120TAB $100.00
   Cytoxan cyclophosphamide Brand 50mg 100TAB $100.00
   Daktarin Oral Gel Brand ~ 40G 1EA $37.00
   DDAVP Nasal Spray Pump desmopressin Generic 10mcg-6ml 1EA $82.00
   DDAVP Tablets desmopressin Brand 0.1mg 60TAB $157.00
   DDAVP Tablets desmopressin Brand 0.1mg 90TAB $160.00
   Decadron dexamethasone Generic 0.5mg 100TAB $77.00
   Decadron dexamethasone Generic 4mg 100TAB $147.00
   Demazin Pediatric Drops Brand 1EA $32.00
   Demazin Clear Syrup Brand 100ML 1EA $34.00
   Demazin Syrup Brand 200ML 1EA $40.00
   Depo-Medrol methylprednisolone Brand 40mg - 1ML 1EA $52.00
   Depo-Provera medroxyprogesterone Brand 150mg-1ML 1EA $54.00
   Detrol tolterodine Brand 1mg 60TAB $120.00
   Detrol tolterodine Brand 2mg 60TAB $122.00

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    flomax and detrol use together hapi tegretol ayh
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